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Situated in the historic village of Carangsari, the birthplace of Bali's national hero "Ngurah Rai", Bali Elephant Camp can be reached on a scenic drive pass through the quaint Balinese villages, beautiful natural rice paddies, temples and local markets, and only a short distance from the Sangeh monkey forest. The camp is located between the rice paddies, the jungle and the Ayung River (where we also raft in white water) and is one of Bali's most natural places. Our elephants come from the jungle of Sumatra and we want you to learn more about them, go trekking and experience life with our amazing elephants as part of our efforts to preserve this magnificent species!....READ MORE



The Mason Elephant Park was founded in 1997 and is located in Ubud's misty hinterlands, is home to 31 critically endangered Sumatran elephants, four of which were born here. The park offers guests the rare chance to interact and learn about these gentle giants while providing a comfortable and safe environment for our healthy herd. It is located within four hectares and is carefully landscaped to imitate the original habitat of the native home of our elephant in Sumatra. The location in central Bali has also been chosen for its cooler climate and lush atmosphere, which helps to keep our elephants cool and comfortable in this peaceful countryside....Mason Elephant Park Taro



Take a ride from your hotel in the afternoon through the countryside of the village and we finally reach Mason Elephant Park at Ubud, then during the nightfall you will join an elephant safari trip in the misty Taro forest. Our elephants will take you on the Safari Under the Stars, 1st twilight elephant trek in Bali. A night trail that is specially designed offers a course different from our day-time elephant safari rides and offers a whole new experience with elephants. Enjoy a Elephant Education Show at evening prior to night safari ride through the dimly illuminated forest, and then dinner at the Palm Grove by the lake, with a gourmet dinner or a gourmet buffet dinner.....Safari Under The Star


Bathing the ElephantBathing the Elephant

Join this adventure tour now. Everyone can bathe the Elephant for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy an unbelievable experience on bathing lake with the elephants while enjoying morning bath. This interactive and exclusive experience is a rare chance to ride bareback on top of the elephants while they play, dunk and splash in their pool, one of their day's favorite rituals. In a spectacular and personal environment, wash, caress, feed and interact with the elephants. Take advantage of the Parks Restaurant's gourmet breakfast, which overlooks the lake as the elephants soak up and dry in the dazzling sunshine in the morning. Enjoy the Talent Show and a safari ride across the lush Taro jungle!... Bathing the Elephant


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